Prelude Team Holland is a club for every Honda enthusiast who is in possession of a Prelude from ’92 to ’96. Regardless of whether you drive a 2.0, a 2.3 or a VTEC. The members come from all parts of the Netherlands and now also Belgium. 

Origin of Prelude Team Holland? 

In July 1999, a fanatical Prelude enthusiast managed to find someone else via the internet and various magazines who wanted to set up a club, a club where the Honda Prelude driver is most welcome.
They joined forces and went in search of other fanatical Prelude riders in many different ways.
In no time, Prelude Team Holland already consisted of a nice group of 9 Preludes.
Fortunately, around that period there was the Japanese car festival on the circuit of Lelystad. This has done a lot of good to the club, making it a lot more members. Since then the Prelude Team Holland has been doing well.
Regular positive reactions come from outside and new members sign up. 
Goal of Prelude Team Holland? 

All together enjoy the best that Honda has produced: the Prelude. We do this by attending as many events as possible. The possible partners of the members regularly attend the events and meetings.
Fortunately there are also proud female Prelude owners who want to share their hobby. This makes Prelude Team Holland so special! To have a lot of fun with all of them is therefore also of paramount importance. 

Club magazine

Of course our club also has a club magazine. This club magazine appears once every 3 months. It is a well organized booklet with colored cover including an events calendar, a source of information, a supply & demand section, facts, Honda news, submitted stories, reports of events visited and more. 


Through the club several articles are available with the inscription of Prelude Team Holland. You should think of a bomber jacket a blouse with long or short sleeves a T-shirt a cap or a scarf. There are also stickers available. A small one for example to stick on the back of the car but also large windshield stickers are available in various colors. And for those who have not been able to visit all events or want to experience them again, there are videotapes for sale of the visited events.
If you want to know more about this merchandise click here. 


To all the fun of course there is also a downside contribution. The contribution year runs from January to December and costs € 50, – If you step in halfway through the contribution year, you can do that from July for € 30, – your membership runs until December.
In both cases: No registration fee! When you decide to become a member after reading this site, you can download a registration form via the “member” button on the home page or fill in the online registration form. If you have any questions you can leave them at info@preludeteamholland.com . Hope to see you again!